Sunday, March 9, 2014

All Our Love Anthology


All Our Love

Compiled by

Novel Grounds

Release: March 11th, 2014

Genre: Romance



Rene Folsom, Brooke Cumberland, Juli Valenti, Melissa Collins, Felicia Tatum, S. L. Dearing, Jettie Woodruff, Marie DeStafino-Wathen, Brandy L Rivers, Sarah M.Cradit, Vicki Green


Love stories.

Moments that make your heart flutter. Scenes that have you holding your breath. Coveted admissions of love that you just can’t wait to be confessed.

This is a collection of stories that center on matters of the heart, overwhelming feelings of love, and stories that make you stop to re-read those breathtaking moments between your favorite characters. Be it the angst, the turmoil, or the first kiss, these are stories that speak to your soul and warm you to your core.

Eleven authors, eleven stories, eleven special moments—brought to you with ALL OUR LOVE.
I was given an ARC in exchange for an HONEST review.

Review of All Our Love
When I first looked over the line up for this book I was amazed at all the great Authors that were included in this anthology. Usually I will recognize a couple in a list of anthologies, but with this book I knew every Author who contributed so I couldn't wait to start reading.
Once I started reading I found myself not wanting to put it down. This is always a good sign! I was worried before I started reading that I would have a hard time reviewing since it would be a list of different stories all in one book. Well that notion was thrown right out the window. I enjoyed every story in the book and would give them all 5 stars. This helped me to write this.
The title of the book really defines the book. In each story there is lots of emotions but it always relies on one thing, and that is Love. While there are 11 different stories by 11 amazing Authors, all of the stories work together in a way to make one big book about Love and the title is perfect.
In each individual you will find romance, love, and stories you can even relate to. And while I enjoyed all the stories. The one story that stuck out most for me was Have my Heart by Rene Folsom. Her story centered around a biracial couple with a child. This is something you don't find very often. Even in todays world writers seem to stray away from this subject.
Overall this was a great collection of Love Stories. Some of them left me wanting more. I would suggest this book to anyone who believes in love. Love really does conquer all.


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