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Irrational Behavior


 Just when Leona finally started to believe that maybe, just maybe, her future was written in the stars - that she was one of those girls destined for a happily ever after - her life takes a dramatic turn for the worse, and she finds herself standing face to face with the man who destroyed her childhood. Will this brutal encounter push her into a nightmare world again, or is the love that she shares with Nathaniel going to be strong enough to keep her from turning into the person she hates the most, and erase all those bad memories for once and for all?

Irrational Behavior Playlist

Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up

Sean Paul: Gimme The Light

Chris Brown: Turn Up The Music

Vivian Green: Anything Out There

Justin Timberlake: Mirrors

Toni Braxton: Why Won’t You Love Me

Faith Hill: There You’ll Be

All 4 One: Beautiful As You


The six of us sat there chatting and drinking for a little while longer before we called it a night. Nathaniel had been whispering sweet nothings into my ear the entire time and after a while he’d gotten me to the point that I wanted nothing more than for him to be purring a whole different bunch of stuff underneath me, so I whisked him away to my bedroom and ripped his shirt off as soon as we closed the door behind us.

The way he made me feel whenever he was that near to me, combined with the large amount of liquor I had downed this evening, made me long to feel him inside me. He pressed his lips against mine and as soon as I opened them to let him in, he started sucking on my tongue with such an intensity that made my toes curl. After a few minutes, he threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me, “Are you sure about this?”

Even in the heat of the moment he still took the time to ask me that. Shit, I must have really freaked him out today. He was still looking at me and waiting for an answer before he continued to do whatever he had in mind for me. “Yes I’m sure, please don’t stop.” Without hesitation he pulled my shirt over my head and unclipped my red bra, in one swift movement that made my breasts spring free.

He gently took my breasts in his mouth and gave each a couple of swirls with his tongue ring before he tugged one nipple between his teeth. The precise amount of pressure made it sting in a delicious way and I felt like I was going to lose my mind if he didn’t stop right then. After a while, he let go of my nipple and flipped me over; he placed a hand on my stomach and slowly began to lick his way up, all the way to my lips. He suddenly stopped when his lips were just a few inches away from mine and told me to close my eyes with a husky voice…and I willingly obliged.

The more his breathing quickened, the more my body temperature rose. I felt like I’d been set on fire by him. “Get on your knees,” he said through his panting, and took a pillow to place it underneath my arms, “Place your elbows on it.” He kissed me hard,“Ooh and Leona?” I looked up; I was almost out of breath and didn’t have the energy to answer him.  “Don’t move.”

Without any hesitation I did as he told me, I got to my knees and placed my elbows on the pillow. A thrill of excitement rushed through my body as I waited on his next move; he pulled my feet together and ran some kind of cold metal against my skin.

He started out at my ankles and made his way up my calves, almost reaching my thighs before I heard a clicking sound. I couldn’t move my feet anymore and when I turned to face him I realized that he’d tied my feet in handcuffs. He cocked his head to the side and flashed me that wicked smile of his, “Didn’t I tell you not to move?” He smacked my bottom playfully, but with enough strength to make me turn back around immediately. “That’s more like it, next time I won’t be so gentle with you.” He rubbed the palm of his hand over that reddened, tender spot and smacked it again on purpose. I flinched and screamed out his name and he chuckled, “Whoops, sorry.”

He moved away from behind me and came to lie at my side on the bed. He lifted up my legs, slid his head underneath my thighs, and then placed my legs on his torso and attached his lips to my clit without wasting any time. He let those two familiar fingers slide in and out of me extremely slowly and rhythmically. He had me on the edge of insanity, wanting to feel something else inside me.

I didn’t even know what to do with myself, my hands were itching to touch him; I wanted to pull on his hair so badly and my legs were aching to move. I wanted to spread them wider for him but I couldn’t move and with my elbows up like they were I couldn’t even grip the freaking pillow. He just loves to make me suffer like this.

My insides started to tense rather quickly at the mercy of Nathaniel’s ‘more than capable of driving me wild with pure lust for him’ tongue. He must have felt it too, because he started working double as fast to push me closer to my sweet release. Within seconds he had me screaming and panting on top of him; I honestly thought that I would smother him if he didn’t move his head away soon.

I’d just finished convulsing and my body felt like jelly, when Nate turned me around. “I’m not done with you yet,” he smiled as he licked away the last drops of my wetness from his lips. “Mmm, the taste of you just keeps getting better and better each day. Lift your bottom up.” As I did so, he placed my hands underneath me and pushed me back down gently before he climbed on top of me and put his legs on each side of my legs. He then pushed them even closer against each other, my feet were still cuffed, he now had me completely at his disposal and I was more than willing to surrender myself to him.

He slid himself inside me, achingly slowly, making me yearn for him even more. When he finally reached the hilt, he damn near killed me with that little seduction game of his, by pulling in and out of me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

The way his tip brushed against my moist clit made me beg him to take me harder, “Please Nathaniel, give it to me. I need to feel you inside me, baby.”

He took pity on me and gave me what I wanted. I could feel how much he wanted me too; he unleashed the fire that had been burning inside him while he teased me. He started to thrust longer and deeper inside me while his tongue took my nipples hostage.

“Ooh yes! Just, like, that, Nathaniel.” I managed to squeak out between moans.

“I love it when you say my name like that,” He bit my bottom lip. “Say it again,”

“Na-than- iel,” I purred underneath him in my most seductive voice.

“Mm, again.” He started thrusting faster, making it hard for me to even think straight, let alone speak.

“Scream it out while you come for me.” My brain registered what was happening way before my body knew what hit it. It truly felt like I was going to lose my mind; my legs started shaking uncontrollably and I wanted to wrap them around his waist so badly, but I couldn’t; they were still cuffed together.

He looked down at me, “Give it to me baby, let it go.” My second orgasm rolled out of me, hard and intense. I screamed his name out loud, and he kept looking right into my eyes the entire time. Then, with a satisfied look on his face, he emptied himself inside me.

4.4 characters    5 plot    4.6 overall
MY REVIEW OF S.E. FELIDA's Irrational BehaviorI was so looking forward to Book 2 of this series and I can tell you that I was NOT disappointed!! It starts off exactly where Book 1 left us, which is always a plus. The story definitely keeps you on your toes with all the twists and turns. Questions get answered in a wonderful A-HA kind of way, also adding more questions to the mix. I love Leona and Nate, I hope their Demons don't collide and destroy what they have. I personally can't wait to get into Book 3 but don't see how this amazing story can possibly stop at just one more book, that could be the greedy reader in me LOL.


SE Felida

I was born in curacao, a small Island in the Caribbean. But I’m currently living in Holland with my husband and our three boys, I’m still in school and I’m studying to become a kindergarten teacher, I go to school two times a week and the remaining of the week I am a teacher’s aide at a kindergarten. I've always loved to read books and to write short stories and poetry, I began writing at the age of eleven. In my spare time you can find me in the kitchen, on the soccer fields to watch my sons play, reading, writing or having a girls night out with my lovely ladies.

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