Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brazilian Bracelets- Review

I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Brazilian Bracelets
Making Friendship Bracelets & More
Florence Bellot
Pub Date Feb 28 2014
Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Price $24.99 (hardback)
If you love making meaningful gifts for friends or just desire a stylish accessory that doesn’t break the bank, this book is a must-have. Instructions for making Brazilian bracelets of various shapes and sizes are included, decorated with crosses, zigzags, diamonds, dots, and even fish, and adorned with beads and charms. In all, there are more than twenty projects and seventy-five different variations of bracelets, hair braids, and wraps shown, with step-by-step instructions. Intricate drawings, photos, and suggested color combinations guide you through the process. From quick and simple braids to more intensive and elaborate crisscross wraps, you may choose a creative path to follow or just let your imagination take over. Alter the suggested designs in order to make key chains, napkin rings, eyeglass straps, or even belt loops. Children and adults will enjoy creating new, exciting, and sometimes unexpected items. The necessary materials are inexpensive and easy to find.

Both my daughters ages 8 and 10 are giving this book 5 stars!
We all agreed that this book made making friendship bracelets easy. It had detailed instructions with pictures. The illustrations were very simple and went step by step.
While my 8 year old did have a few problems along the way she did figure them out, after reviewing the photo's. The girls were very proud that this was something they could do on their own.
While they knew how to make simple bracelets before this book, they now know how to make designs and multiple types of bracelets.
This book also contained a section on how to make hair wraps. They were excited about this chapter. They got hair wraps last year while we were on vacation. Now they will be able to do their own hair wraps at home.
So far they have had a couple hours of fun with this book. So would I of bought it off the shelf? The simple answer is yes my girls have really enjoyed getting to review this book. If you have daughters who like to do crafts then this book is for them and you.

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