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Claiming Carter Review 4.5 Stars

carter1Claiming Carter (The Carter Series)
By: W.S. Greer
Release Date: January 22, 2014
carter2Lily Hayes is a beautiful 3rd grade teacher who enjoys her job very much, and has an amazing best friend who keeps her entertained. The only problem in Lily's life is that she always dates lame, boring, passionless men. No one has ever brought her any adventure. No one gives her excitement, and after being cheated on by her last boyfriend, Lily is ready for a change.
A change is exactly what she finds when she meets Kelvin Carter Jr. Kelvin is everything Lily wants in a man: sexy, passionate, spontaneous, attractive, powerful, and the best sex she has ever had. He is perfect. But perfection comes with a price. Kelvin may be exactly what Lily is looking for, but he is also a branch on a Chicago mob's family tree and the son of a notorious mob boss.
When the couple commences a heart-pounding, overwhelmingly sensual relationship, Lily must decide what she desires more; love and satisfaction, or her own safety.


Claiming Carter. Plot: 4   Characters: 5   Overall: 4.5 Stars

I couldn't wait to tear into this book. I loved the description and it overall sounded like a book I would enjoy.
The first three chapters I struggled to really get into the story line. I felt like it was more of a "script" then a story in a book. After I pushed past that point I become to really enjoy the characters and book itself.
This story takes place in the inner city of Chicago.
While most "Erotic-Romance" type books are written for one point of view and usually it's from the leading lady, Claiming Carter came through from several points of view while still working together to tell one story. This one was one the aspects I really enjoyed was getting to imagine multiple points of view in my mind. They all fit together like a puzzle and really worked.

Let's talk about the characters.
We had Lilly who is a 22 year old 3rd grade teacher who has the worse luck with men. She caught her last boyfriend with his private parts where they didn't belong. And a list of men behind that who couldn't satisfy her with the orgasms that she craved. Lilly;s sidekick Lexy is loud and always lets her opinions be heard. She is married and now that Lilly has come to know Kelvin she is living vicariously through Lilly's details of everything that happens.

And then there was Kelvin Carter Jr. also 22 who we come to know as a "business man" who dresses well, drives an incredible ride, lives rent free in a penthouse. Oh and did I mention sexy as ever? Truth be told he is also the son of a mob boss.
All of the characters had well written personalities that worked well for each of them. They were well rounded and none fell flat. They were written as you could picture everyday people, even with Kelvins over the top suits and cars, we could still visualize the person inside.

Overall it told a great story as a big picture looking back. While I was reading it I did find parts I felt were rushed and could of went in to more details, while other parts were drawn out. It was a good read after the first couple chapters and I did enjoy several of the scenes and characters. Would I tell others to read this? Yes. I believe the plot was great and well thought out and it is a good book.

With stating that I can't wait for the second book to come out. I want to know what is going to happen and how the story will progress. I am one who usually finds myself liking the second book better then the first, simply because we already know the characters well so we can skip over that part and just enjoy the story itself.


“But everyone is watching,” I said, giving myself one last excuse, even though I knew it was bullshit.

“Don’t worry about them,” Kelvin said. “I got you.”
As he spoke the words, I felt my last bit of inhibition melt away. Kelvin had pulled me closer, but it was me who lunged forward and placed my mouth on his. I closed my eyes and felt his tongue slip into my mouth, as his full, plump lips pressed aggressively against mine. He lifted his head slightly as we kissed and I could feel myself getting hotter every second that we were connected. It was as if my body had been lifted off of the ground and I was floating in midair as he continued to press my body firmly against his.
I knew the entire playground was probably watching, but it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t care who was watching, I didn’t want it to end. He had such strength and control as he kissed me and all I wanted was to give into his will. But, as quickly as the rush had come, I came slowly crashing back to Earth as he pulled away and I opened my eyes. His face was still only inches from mine and I stared into his deep, dark brown eyes as he stared into mine.
“That was definitely worth the wait,” Kelvin said as he let me go and I stumbled backwards. I couldn’t speak. I only stared at him, thinking about all the things I wanted him to do to me. “I think I can rest a little bit easier now,” he said.


W.S. Greer is the author of the smashing success, Frozen Secrets, released in June of 2013. W.S. began writing in March of 2013 and has found success as an indie author, gaining a constantly increasing following in the indie world. W.S. likes to explore genres, but his constant is suspense. Dabbling in the erotic world with his newest book, Claiming Carter, W.S. Greer looks to continue to bring the world page-turning, heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat books, filled with suspense, erotica, and romance.


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